The State of Sustainability 2015

Ethical Corporation, a UK-based global consultancy, publisher, and event organizer with a mission to help businesses around the globe do the right thing by their customers and the world, has just published a report on the “state of sustainability”. Among the findings of particular interest to GallonDaily:

  • Sustainability is of increasing importance to business strategy.
  • Corporate leaders around the world are increasingly persuaded by the case for sustainability.
  • Sustainability is already driving business revenues.
  • Sustainability is infiltrating all areas of business.
  • 68.9% of the global CEOs surveyed claim to be convinced of the value of sustainability.
  • 29% of “sustainability teams” report to the CEO, 21% to the head of sustainability, and 19% to the Board.
  • 46% pay an external organisation for advice/assistance with their sustainability strategy.
  • Only 21% of corporate respondents said their company is leveraging the potential of sustainability as fully as possible.
  • Only a third of respondents were able to say that they are measuring the return on investment of sustainability.

For much more information from the report, including a list of current sustainability priorities, obtain a free copy (registration required) from

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