About GallonDaily and Gallon Environment Letter

This is the daily edition of Gallon Environment Letter, an electronic publication providing Monday to Friday commentary on environmental topics of interest to Canadian (and perhaps international) business. Currently it is free to all readers but in 2013 access is likely to be restricted to paid subscribers to Gallon Environment Letter. Unfortunately that is the way the world works! Watch Gallon Environment Letter for more details.

With one story per day, so as not to overwhelm your email inbox, GallonDaily covers news and information about environmental and sustainable development opportunities and business risks that is unlikely to be found in Canada’s daily newspapers.

For more details about Gallon Environment Letter visit http://www.gallonletter.ca/

A sample issue of the monthly Gallon Environment Letter can be found at http://www.cialgroup.com/galloncurrent.htm

To subscribe to the Honoured Reader (free) edition of the monthly Gallon Environment Letter send an email containing your email address and the subject line Add GL to subscriptions@gallonletter.ca Paid subscription information, including instant payment by credit card, telephone subscriptions,  or subscription forms for mailing with a cheque, can be found at http://www.cialgroup.com/creditcard.htm

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