Green MBA?

Canadian universities are not right up there with those offering a green MBA but opportunities do exist in the US and elsewhere. Among US universities offering a green MBA, an MBA which includes study of green environment and economic principles, are the following:

Alliant International University, California

Monterey Institute of International Studies, California

San Francisco State University, California

Stanford, California

University of Colorado at Denver

Colorado Technical University

Colorado State University

Yale University, Connecticut

George Washington University, DC

University of South Florida

South University, Georgia

Argosy University, Illinois

Dominican University, Illionois

University of Michigan

Antioch University, New Hampshire

Cornell, New York

New York University

University of North Carolina

Marylhurst University, Oregon

Portland State University, Oregon

Duquesne University, Pennsylvania

Green Mountain College, Vermont

University of Virginia

Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Washington State

Summary information and links are available at

Other green MBA programs are available at some European universities and may be available at some Canadian MBA schools including York University’s Schulich School of Business, McGill University, and UBC.

We will be reviewing green MBA programs in a future issue of Gallon Environment Letter. Universities are encouraged to submit their green MBA program information to for consideration.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    As we have developed our MBA in Managing for Sustainability over the past four years (missing from the list above), we have found that “green” is a trendy but basically meaningless term when it comes to academic programs, as it does not say much about whether business performance and organizations are approached from a triple-bottom-line perspective or not, or whether aspects of ethical human relations and community health and justice in business practice are fully addressed.

    Using these criteria, most of the programs above would not qualify as truly green or sustainability-driven, since for the most part they involve conventional programs with unchanged ethics and community practices to which a few “green” courses have been added, but not integrated – the depth of knowledge and authenticity of the faculty who teach these extra courses notwithstanding.

    The greatest exceptions to my knowledge are Bainbridge, Presidio (Alliant), and possibly Antioch and Green Mountain College, as well as Dominican University in California (also missing). Clark University’s MBA in Social Change also stands apart.


    Ralph Meima

    Ralph Meima, MBA, PhD
    Program Director, MBA in Managing for Sustainability
    Marlboro College Graduate School
    28 Vernon Street, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301, USA
    Tel. +1 802 251-7690 // Cell +1 802 380-1029 // Fax +1 802 258-9201
    Twitter: @MarlboroGrad @MarlboroMBA

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