Bedbug Solutions

While some pesticide fanatics are urging the return of DDT to fight bedbugs, an insane solution from an environmental perpective, CNN has published a useful article identifying some non-chemical or low-risk solutions for dealing with infestations of bedbugs. Entitled Bedbugs: Bring ’em on!, the article provides information about seven small businesses in the US that have developed a range of bedbug solutions. Some of the companies provide a service in a region of the USA while others provide products. Even if the products or services are not provided where you are located, the article may provide some ideas to help you deal with a bedbug infestation in a more environmentally sound way whenever and wherever you have a problem.

The article is located at

Please not that Gallon Environment Letter (GL) does not endorse the products and services mentioned in this article. GL’s parent company does provide an environmental review of products and services on payment of appropriate fees. See  for more information.

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