Monthly Gallon Letter Distributed Today

Paid subscribers to the monthly Gallon Environment Letter should receive their copy of the May 2011 issue today. Honoured Readers should receive their copy tomorrow.

Among the articles in this issue:

Sustainability Applied: June 9-10 in Windsor, Ontario
Where Have All the Local Foods Gone?
Theme: Clean Technology: What Is it and Is it Enough?
Nova Scotia: New Clean Technology Fund
Intensity-based Ecoefficiency May Undermeasure the Environmental Impacts
Suncor: Technology Solution to Tailings Ponds
WWF-Netherlands: Cleantech Index
E. Ann Clark: the Future Is Organic but Organic Is Not Enough
IPCC: Special Report on Renewable Energy and Climate Mitigation
Ontario Centres of Excellence – Discovery 2011 May 18-19, 2011.
SDTC: Cleantech Report 2010
Batteries for Electric Vehicles
Book Review: How Bad Are Bananas?
Time to Eat the Dog: the Real Guide to Sustainable Living:
IDB: Annual Meeting in Calgary
Sustainable Emerging Cities
Wouldn’t You Know It!

The Honoured Reader edition will be posted at in about 10 days.

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