Canadian Biodiesel Mandate Imposed

Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent announced last week that the 2% requirement (mandate) for biodiesel in diesel and home heating fuel will take effect July 1st 2011. The requirement is for an average of 2% biodiesel content over the reporting period. While future reporting periods will be a calendar year, the first period is 18 months ending on December 31st 2012. Newfoundland and Labrador is exempt and the other maritime provinces plus Quebec south of 60 degrees N have been given an exemption from the first reporting period.

This policy issue was addressed in Gallon Environment Letter volume 15 number 11 on 23 February 2011 with a response from the Minister’s office in the subsequent issue on 12 March 2011. At that time the Minister’s spokesperson stated that “The July 1 start date for the 2 per cent biodiesel requirement is a proposed date.”

For a detailed description of the regulation, visit

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