Britain’s Environment Agency sets example for doing and reporting

The British Government’s Environment Agency is trying to set an example for primarily office-based businesses in environmental management and reporting.

The Agency has set targets for March 2015:

  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 33 per cent
  • Reduce energy usage by 33 per cent
  • Reduce the distance driven by 25 per cent
  • Avoid sending any waste to landfill
  • Reduce water use by 25 per cent

The Agency has also reported on its environmental progress from 2006 to 2011:

  • Office waste reduced by 18 per cent, 66 per cent less to landfill;
  • Mileage reduced by 33 per cent, 19 million fewer miles per year;
  • Carbon dioxide – a 17 per cent reduction in emissions;
  • Buildings – a 15 per cent reduction in energy use;
  • Water – an 18 per cent reduction.

The Agency estimates that the programme has already reduced its costs by more than £6 million a year.

A recent Environment Agency study of more than 500 FTSE companies showed that not enough companies are providing environmental statistics in line with Government guidance and that the quality of information is still very varied and in some cases basic.

UK Environment Agency details on targets are at

and current reporting begins at

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