Arctic Food Network wins major sustainability prize

The Arctic Food Network is a snowmobile accessed regional network of arctic farms, freezers, and camp hubs. Designed especially to support traditional hunting and gathering, the AFN encircles the large body of the Foxe Basin, north and west of Iqaluit, in Nunavut.

Using existing snowmobile trails between the far-flung communities of the region, the AFN is proposed to comprise of a network of easy to assemble and subsequently permanent small camps that provide for food storage, small scale agriculture, data connections, and shelter for hunters and gatherers, hence providing support for a traditional lifestyle in the far North.

The AFN has recently won the North American Gold Award for 2011 of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction. The Holcim Foundation was established by the global cement and aggregate company of the same name but is now run independently of the commercial interests of the Company. Prototype network hubs for the AFN will be tested at three sites in the region in partnership with the Nunavut Department of Culture, Language, Elders, and Youth. The AFN was designed by Lateral Office / Infranet Lab architects in Toronto and Princeton, N.J.

Information about the AFN is available at

Information about the Holcim Gold 2011 North America Award winner is at

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