Australia passes carbon tax

The Australian government’s carbon tax was passed by the country’s upper house yesterday and is expected to be proclaimed very soon. This despite a promise by the Prime Minister in last year’s election not to introduce a carbon tax.

The carbon tax will be imposed effective July 1st 2012 at a rate of $23 Australian (just over $24 CDN) only on the country’s largest emitters. The carbon tax transitions to a cap and trade scheme in 2015.  There will be no carbon tax on fuel for cars but fuel for railways, airlines, and trucks will be included. Compensation will be provided to homes and small businesses to partially, and in some cases wholly, offset the costs of the tax.

The Australian government press release and links to more detailed information can be found at

Details of the legislation can be found on the Parliamentary website at;query=BillId_Phrase%3A%22r4653%22%20Dataset%3Abillsdgs;rec=0

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