Bloomberg introduces sustainability news section

Bloomberg is a US multinational specializing in news and information for business. Imagine then GallonDaily’s surprise when, last month, Bloomberg introduced a sustainability section into its daily news offerings.

In late 2009 Bloomberg acquired New Energy Finance, a similar though much smaller news service focusing on renewable and alternative energy. Building on the new energy theme, Bloomberg’s sustainability section seems to be focussing on US and global environment and energy issues and commentary.

Bloomberg claims to have 2300 news professionals at work globally, 4.7 million readers for its Business Week magazine, and more than 15,000 employees around the world. If you notice a name resemblance to the third-term Mayor of New York City you would understand a connection, now severed, between the Company’s founder and the current NYC Mayor. It is reliably reported that, in July of this year, Michael Bloomberg announced a donation of $50 million to the US Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign

For a fresh face with a US perspective in the sustainability news world, GallonDaily is pleased to welcome Bloomberg: go to and click on SUSTAINABILITY at the top of the page.

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