US lightbulb phaseout hits Republican wall

It appears that the US ban on inefficient incandescent lightbulbs that was due to come into effect on January 1st may become a casualty of Congressional wrangling over the budget. Congress has added a rider to the final budget bill preventing the US Department of Energy from going ahead with the ban at least until next September.

The rider is not so good for the US economy. US manufacturers have spent millions on research and development and geared up domestic production to meet the new efficiency standard. If inefficient lightbulbs are to remain on store shelves they will likely have to be imported from Asia.

Even China has adopted a program to phase out inefficient light bulbs starting in September. In the end the Congressional action may be little more than tokenism as most lightbulb manufacturers switch production to the more efficient models.

News of the Congressional action is fairly easy to find in US media. A particularly comprehensive article is at

News of the China phaseout of inefficient incandescent manufacturing is at

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