UK industry asks government for more effective waste policy

In a just published report, the UK’s largest manufacturer association is asking government for more effective waste policy. Amongst the highlights of the report:

  • 80% of manufacturing executives regard a shortage of raw materials as a risk to their business.
  • 1 in 6 companies said that a shortage of raw materials is now a brake on growth
  • the legislative framework for waste is confusing, disjointed and can inadvertently act as a barrier to resource efficiency. We need a new cohesive policy framework centered on valuing waste as a resource, whilst ensuring the environment is protected.
  • regulators can stimulate resource efficiency by outlining what is permissible, rather than what is not.
  • where a materials market is functioning well, government should reduce packaging and producer responsibility regulation, and shift the focus to materials that need more market intervention.
  • resource efficiency can give our businesses and the UK a real competitive edge whilst securing essential environmental outcomes.

While packaging and material resources issues differ somewhat between the UK and Canada, GallonDaily is convinced that Canada’s manufacturing industry could benefit from following a similar environmentally aggressive approach as UK industry.

See the UK industry association analysis at

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