Dupont: health of business depends on energy efficiency

Dupont Sustainable Solutions has published a slide deck which makes a powerful case for industrial energy efficiency and describes a coherent path for implementing an energy efficiency program.

In the deck Dupont states that “Overall, the health and welfare of the organization [Dupont] and its product lines would be at risk if we didn’t act”. The Dupont goal is to achieve 5% ($50 Million USD) annual decrease in energy use, consistent with sustainability goals. The Company achieved 19% decrease in energy use, 20% increase in production and $5B in cost savings between 1990 and 2009. Co-benefits include reductions of 92% in air carcinogens, 77% in releases of US Toxic Release Inventory substances, and 75% in releases of air toxics.

The approach described in the slides involved:

  • Identifying and elevating energy cost as a strategic business issue
  • Implementing a vertically integrated management approach to drive results
  • Developing skills and capabilities of people in the organization
  • Identifying and executing the right projects to drive highest gain results

Flow charts in the slide deck provide further analysis of the approach which is somewhat similar to the Managing for Sustainability program often recommended and applied by GallonDaily’s parent sustainability consultancy, CIAL Group.

The Dupont slide deck, prepared by Davide Vassallo, Global Practice Leader for Dupont Sustainable Solutions for the 2011 International Energy & Environment Fair and Conference held in Istanbul, Turkey, can be viewed at

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