A competition to help assuage negative public opinion

While negative reaction to wind turbines is not nearly as strong in Europe as in Ontario, the European Wind Energy Association has come up with an interesting activity to help overcome some of the opinion that wind projects are an eyesore. The European association has launched a global photography competition in which “photographers are invited to let their imaginations take the lead and show wind energy technology in a new way, in line with the competition title, Wind in Mind”.

The six winners will receive a €1,000 (~$1300) Amazon voucher or one of five €250 vouchers, will be chosen by an expert jury, and will be announced shortly after Global Wind Day (15 June 2012). The winning pictures will be displayed in public in the EU area of Brussels.

The Communication Director of the European Wind Energy Association is quoted as saying “Wind turbines are an icon: symbols of the fight against climate change, of sustainability, of our modern age. While some people noisily oppose wind turbines there are many others who love them and find them a graceful addition to our landscape”.

GallonDaily thinks this is an innovative and creative way to attract at least some positive attention to wind turbine technology. The competition is open to photographers from any country, so someone from rural Ontario could be a winner, especially if the Canadian Wind Energy Association helps to promote the competition in this country!

Each person may submit up to three entries. Details and entry information at http://www.globalwindday.org/

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