Eco-office certification celebrates 10 years

Many of us think of industry being the polluter while offices are relatively environmentally clean but 10 years ago the Singapore Environment Council, a non-governmental organization, teamed with a developer, City Developments Limited, to establish an Eco-Office certification program.

Among the criteria required to be addressed for an office to qualify for the Eco-Office logo are ones addressing:

  • Purchasing Practice
  • Paper Use
  • Printer, Photocopier, Fax & Cartridges
  • Waste Reduction Measures
  • Recycling
  • Office Kitchen
  • Office Furniture
  • Energy Conservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Signs
  • Travel

To date, 110 Singapore office locations have received the Eco-Office certification. The SEC plans to add 100 more this year. The program involves an environmental self-assessment, on which an office must achieve at least a Good rating to qualify for certification, followed by an independent third-party audit.

The Eco-Office workbook can be found at

The press release describing the program on its 10th anniversary is at

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