Scam conference

Emails and websites touting scam conferences are becoming more common. For some reason many of these fake conferences purport to be on environmental topics.

The reasons for these fake conference invitations are not always clear but are most often associated with extracting money from registrants or verifying email addresses.

One that very recently came by email to GallonDaily’s attention is the Global Warming International Conference 2012, purportedly to be held in London, UK, from 20th to 24th April 2012. According to the website, this conference is a fake and even the conference hotel, which has a very sophisticated looking website ready to take your booking, does not exist.

GallonDaily intends to launch a service in the near future which will, for a small fee, verify whether or not an environmental conference is genuine. In the meantime we invite readers to ask questions about any environmental conferences that they wish to have verified. We will do our best to provide the information within 2 working days of the request for information.

You can view the invitation for the fake  Global Warming International Conference 2012 at

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