GallonDaily celebrates its first birthday

This week GallonDaily is celebrating its first birthday, having provided 229 articles over the last 12 months.

GallonDaily was launched to serve as a supplement to our Gallon Environment Letter, a monthly electronic publication with themes and articles of interest to the environment and business community in Canada. Both Gallon Environment Letter, now in its 16th year of publication, and GallonDaily have become popular with many environmentally interested individuals outside of the business community and well beyond Canada’s borders.

GallonDaily is an environmental newsletter with a difference. We publish one article per day on weekdays only. The objective is to give people working in environmental positions in business an idea of what is going on in business and the environment around the world. We know that people have little time to spare, so articles are kept short with a link to original source materials. By monitoring GallonDaily you will have quick and easy to read exposure to policy and new initiatives in the environment and business community and perhaps some ideas to take to your company’s decision makers or to government regulators. Like Gallon Environment Letter we provide not only the day’s top environment news story but also some interpretation of what it may mean for business in the future. Also like Gallon Environment Letter, we do not generally repeat those stories that you will see in your daily newspapers. We provide the broadly-based environment business coverage that is not in the popular press.

There have been more than 5,000 visits to GallonDaily in our first year. We are looking forward to hitting 10,000 in our second year and promise to continue to bring leading edge environment and business stories to our readers in the months ahead.

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