Running a food warehouse on solar power (almost)

It used to be thought that solar power was not the best for heating and cooling. Now a food warehouse in New Jersey has proven that new technology can more than (almost) do the job.

Gloucester Terminal in Gloucester City, NJ has the largest refrigerated capacity of any marine terminal in the United States. The total terminal covers 150 acres and the refrigerated and freezer capacity is 15 million cubic feet of perishable products.

The Riverside Renewable Energy Solar Project at the Gloucester Marine Terminal is the largest rooftop solar array in North America and covers 1.1 million square feet of rooftop space. The 27,528 photovoltaic panels produce 9 megawatts annually. The array saves over 7 million tonnes of CO2 annually and produces enough power for the equivalent of 1500 homes. It meets approximately 80% of the chilled warehouse power needs.

For more information: and follow links to the Riverside Renewable Energy Solar Array and the Gloucester Marine Terminal.

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