Large private sector waste operator adopts sustainability commitments

Veolia Environnement is a global company specializing in waste management and resource recovery. The company provides municipal and industrial clients with services which include waste collection, pipe system management, and waste treatment, recovery and recycling solutions. The Company has recently announced that it seeks to set the standard in sustainable development performance. The Company’s commitments include:

Commitment 1: Prevent pollution

  • Analyze the environmental risks at a minimum of 95% of sites and implement prevention action plans;
  • Ensure 95% sites are certified ISO 14001 or covered by an Environmental Management System (EMS).

Commitment 2: Conserve natural resources

  • Achieve an overall material recovery rate of 30%;
  • Compared with 2011, increase by 10% the production of renewable energy from waste;
  • Apply water consumption reduction plans at a minimum of 80% of sites;
  • Implement energy efficiency plans at a minimum of 80% of sites.

Commitment 3: Protect biodiversity

  • Carry out an evaluation and implement an action plan at 95% of sites with significant potential stakes and opportunities on Biodiversity;
  • Include a biodiversity impact evaluation in 100% of our development projects;
  • Implement conservation plans in the six main countries where we operate.

Commitment 4: Combat climate change

  • Achieve an overall methane capture rate of 70%, the component in biogas that has the highest greenhouse effect;
  • Calculate the carbon footprint of 95% of our business units and implement emission reduction plans.

Commitment 5: Environmental awareness and training

  • Provide environmental training to at least 90% of our employees;
  • Train our sales teams in the company’s environmental themes and raise our customers’ awareness;
  • Increase the proportion of our supplier contracts that include environmental requirements.

Given the specificity of some of theses commitment, Veolia Environnement seems set to challenge some of its competitors in the area of environmental performance.

Details are at

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