Recyclable, done well, adds cachet in today’s market

Who would have thought that there would be great interest in recyclable sneakers at $65 or more per pair? A smart marketer, that’s who!

A new fully recyclable sneaker is set to hit stores later this year and some lucky people have already been able to buy one. REMYXX™ claim to be “Sneakers with a Purpose”, “the world’s first and only Landfill-Free Sneakers™”, and “Innovation meets Fashion meets Recycling”. They are said to be manufactured using a unique mix of materials that look and feel like canvas and rubber but are made entirely from a special blend of lab certified recyclable materials.  Upon recycling the sneaker materials can be used for a number of purposes and can be incorporated into new REMYXX™ sneakers. With the recycling symbol prominently displayed on the uppers and the bottom sole, users tell the world that they have chosen “to walk the green-way, supporting eco-friendly behaviors for a sustainable future”.

As there are currently no municipal recycling collection programs for REMYXX™ sneakers, the company is asking users to return their end-of-life REMYXX™ sneakers by mail for recycling, in return for which they will receive a $5 coupon off their next pair.

The product developer, a management consultant in Charlotte, North Carolina, seems to have hit on a winner with this product. He claims success because “an estimated 300 million shoes [were] thrown away last year in the U.S. alone” but GallonDaily believes the success is because the product fits the “Blue Box model”, a model in which people can show, in a discrete but still obvious manner, their support for environmental initiatives. GallonDaily predicts great success for this product in the Canadian marketplace.

More details about REMYXX™ sneakers at . Unfortunately the sneakers will not be available at retail until the Fall but some lucky folks were able to pre-order a pair at , an opportunity which has now closed.

From time to time GallonDaily reminds readers that articles in Gallondaily are taken from press releases and other sources of information over which GallonDaily has no control. Products mentioned in GallonDaily articles may make claims that have not been verified either by GallonDaily or its parent company CIAL Group.

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