Recycling of CD and DVD disks in Japan

We have said for some time that recycling is about creativity and economic development. Reducing waste going to landfill and incineration can create jobs and cut down on reduce use.

Japanese computer manufacturer Fujitsu Limited is demonstrating this with a unique program to turn end of life CDs and DVDs into parts of cases for new notebook computers.

Fujitsu says that its initial program, involving just one part of the computer case, will use about 10 tons of CDs and DVDs. The process tests the disks to ensure that they do not contain any contaminants before recycling them into the new parts. Fujitsu chose CDs and DVDs, rather than other used plastic products, because their formulation and properties are very consistent from one batch to another and they are easily recognized.

A fairly extensive description of the recycling program and process is given at

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