Greening of every type of product benefits environment

Cambridge Consultants, a product development and technology consulting firm based in the US and the UK, has developed a product that illustrates how design for waste reduction and energy efficiency can provide more sustainable products and lifestyles in the most unexpected areas. One of the featured products is a blood glucose monitor. According to Cambridge Consultants, more than 346 million people worldwide have diabetes and many of them use blood glucose monitors that use disposable needles and test strips.

The new blood glucose monitor developed by the company reduces the lifecycle environmental impact of the monitor by 65% through a unique 28-test cartridge based design. Not only does the new monitor have a significantly reduced environmental footprint but it is also said to be more convenient and discrete for the user. Cambridge calls its approach to new product design ‘Ecovation’.

More details of the more environmentally responsible blood glucose monitor can be found at

Cambridge Consultants have also developed a vacuum cleaner that it says  that would use 43% less energy than the average vacuum cleaner, whilst maintaining the same cleaning performance. Details of the vacuum cleaner at

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