OAS tackles social protest over Peru mining projects

The Organization of American States is hosting a conference in Lima, Peru, today and tomorrow on the topic of Management of Socio-Environmental Conflict for the countries of Central America and the Andean Region. The conference will address themes such as citizen participation in public policy formation, prior consultation, early warning systems, and dialogue as a tool for conflict management.

The objective of the conference is to “strengthen the institutional capacities of governments in addressing socio-environmental conflicts through the exchange of information and the presentation of institutional mechanisms used to bring about solutions to these problems” in the Central America and Andean region. Conflict between indigenous people and communities on one side and mining companies on the other has reached serious levels in Peru and elsewhere.

Though the meeting is primarily for government experts, GallonDaily commends the OAS for taking a discussion initiative on some of the most appropriate tools for bringing together citizens and the resource extraction sector. We wish the initiative every success.

Interestingly, the conference is organized by an OAS department funded by the Government of Canada.

Details are available at http://www.oas.org/en/media_center/press_release.asp?sCodigo=E-449/12

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