Cummins launches environmental education initiative in India

Not too many North American companies commit community resources to environmental education but Cummins, of diesel engine fame, is doing exactly that in India.

To mark its 50th anniversary in the country, Cummins aims to provide environmental awareness programs to 75,000 school kids in communities where its plants are located. One program seeks to achieve Zero Waste and improve the lives of residents and garbage pickers while another encourages elimination of waste and other eco-friendly activities at some of the major community festivals.

Cynics might argue that Cummins has a direct interest in better waste management practices. After all, their diesel engines are used with landfill gas and biogas  from anaerobic digesters to generate electricity. However, if more companies linked business activities and environmental activities into their community involvement, it could be a real bonus to environmental progress as well as positive recognition for corporate community activities.

About Cummins environmental education activities in India, S. Ravichandran, Head of Corporate Responsibility for Cummins Group in India, is quoted in the Company’s press release as saying “Children are the citizens of the future, and also the most impacted by the changing climate owing to incorrect practices. It is crucial to engage with them while they are in their formative years, to help inculcate in them the right practices that help preserve the environment.”

Cummins publishes a Sustainability website, which incorporates a GRI-inspired sustainability report, and is listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. It has adopted a statement of 10 climate change principles and has exceeded its 25 percent greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitment under U.S. EPA Climate Leaders Program.

More details about its environmental education activities in India are available on the Cummins India website at

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