Solar photovoltaic not in conflict with human use of land

A new report from World Wildlife Fund Global and partners in the renewable energy industry looks at how much land would be required to provide 100% of a country’s electricity from solar photovoltaic technology. The findings: all of a country’s electricity could be provided from renewable solar technology on less than 1% of the country’s land area. The conflict between solar PV and other land uses is hence much less than some people have suggested and potentially much less than other renewable sources of electricity.

The report, entitled Solar PV Atlas: Solar Power in Harmony with Nature, profiles solar power opportunities in Indonesia, Madagascar, Madhya Pradesh, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, and Turkey.  In a moderately detailed analysis the report finds that

Today, PV provides 0.1 per cent of total global electricity generation. However, PV has seen an average annual growth rate of more than 40 per cent since 2000. Now a well-established commercially available and reliable technology, it has significant potential for long-term growth in nearly all world regions now and in the coming decades.

GallonDaily commends this 60 page report to investors and PV technology developers as well as to those interested generally in renewable energy. A summary and a link to the complete document can be found at http://new-WWF-report-says-land-requirements-p://

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