CBC radio program looks at how promotion of buying less can increase profits

The CBC Radio One program Under The Influence takes a weekly look at how advertising influences consumers and at how consumers influence business. This week’s episode is titled Buy Less: How Some Companies Profit By Asking You To Buy Less and promises examples from a burger company that asks its customers to eat less beef, an office equipment company that helps customers print less, a razor company that encourages men to change blades less often, and a clothing company that asks that you buy less of their apparel.

Under The Influence is a very professional show and GallonDaily has no doubt that this week’s show will be of especial interest to all who are convinced that ‘buy less’ is a necessary component of sustainability or who are wondering about new directions for their product-based company.

The host of Under The Influence is Terry O’Reilly, a former advertising copywriter who established his own radio and television advertising company.

This week’s Under The Influence can be heard on CBC Radio One across the country at 11.30am on Saturday 2 February (noon in Newfoundland) and 11.30am on Monday 4 February (3.30pm in Newfoundland). It can also be heard on the Internet at the same times in each time zone (you can select your time zone of choice, even if it is not your real time zone) and a podcast of the show will be posted next week. For the streaming audio and the podcast, as well as a photo of the host and information about past episodes in this series, visit http://www.cbc.ca/undertheinfluence/ 

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