Polluting industry found by a drone

On February 7 of this year GallonDaily advised readers of the possibility of  investigation of their environmental activities by remotely piloted drones.  We did not know at the time that it has already been done, though more by chnace than by planning.

sUAS News, with sUAS standing for small Unmanned Aerial Systems, reported on 23 January 2012 that a drone enthusiast had piloted his camera-equipped aircraft over a creek near Dallas and had noticed a blood red colour in the creek. Some quick phone calls and 40 minutes later  a government inspector was on scene. A Federal search warrant followed and in December 2012 a Dallas County grand jury returned several indictments against a meat packing company accused of dumping animal blood into a creek.

This case will certainly give corporate critics some ideas. For lots of news coverage Google “Columbia Packing” or visit http://www.myfoxdfw.com/story/20428259/columbia-packing-co-indicted-for-pigs-blood-in-trinity-river



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