Ready to install: renewable lighting for your paths and parking

Many industrial, commercial and institutional facilities need streetlights, or lighting similar to streetlights, for their parking lots and on-site roadways. Cost is often a problem, not just for the lights but also for the wiring and control systems.

A New York based company, Urban Green Energy, may have just the answer. It is a street light that needs no connections. The light is fully powered by a small windmill and a photovoltaic array mounted at the top of the light standard. According to the Company, the new lights have been installed as streetlights in PingQuan, China. The case study states that the UGE streetlights saved hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have been spent on trenching the wires to power typical lights, as well as ongoing electricity costs, meaning that they could go for a high quality, long lasting, aesthetic option at no more cost than a typical install.

The Company claims that the streetlights have been operating flawlessly since the installation took place in September 2012. The Manager of Procurement for the City of PingQuan is quoted as saying “We love it. We haven’t had a single issue since they were installed, and people ask about the project all the time. Almost every day we have people stopping to take pictures.”

Pingquan is on a latitude of 35°, not too far south of Toronto, so what works in PingQuan may work well in many parts of Canada. UGE has sales representatives throughout the US and even, to our amazement, in Canada.

The case study of this 100% renewable energy street lighting, and photos of the attractive lumieres,  is to be found at and click on the image of the PingQuan streetlighting. A list of UGE sales distributors is at

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