Many Canadian fertilizer efficacy regulations scrapped

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has announced that it is effectively scrapping many of the regulations that cover labeling of efficacy of domestic and agricultural fertilizers. Brandowners of fertilizer products, especially household products, will be aware of the hassle that has in the past been associated with registering a fertilizer for household use, particularly if the fertilizer has fallen into the category of innovative or green fertilizer product such as chicken feather meal. The move by CFIA should mean that many more innovative fertilizer products are likely to come on to the Canadian retail market. It will also mean that users of fertilizers need to become more informed about fertilizer efficacy because less information may be on the label of the various products on store shelves.

Despite the welcome move by CFIA, brandowners should exercise a little caution:

  • make sure that the change in regulations does cover your product.
  • ensure that your product meets the product safety aspects of the fertilizer regulations which are still being enforced.
  • ensure that your product is properly labeled because both CFIA and the Competition Bureau may still monitor products for improper or misleading labeling.

Details of the recent amendments to the Fertilizer Regulations can be found at

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