Report identifies energy wastage that you may not have considered

The non-profit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has published a very interesting report with the title Miscellaneous Energy Loads in Buildings. The report identifies and quantifies energy savings opportunities in both homes and commercial facilities that might previously have been overlooked. The ACEEE claims that not only are the miscellaneous loads a significant energy use category today, they are also the fastest growing.

In the commercial sector the report identifies the following as the most important miscellaneous energy consuming activities where efficiency opportunities are likely to be available:

  • distribution transformers
  • personal computers
  • computer servers
  • walk-in refrigeration
  • fume hoods
  • monitors
  • ice machines
  • printers
  • vending machines
  • medical imaging
  • uninterruptible power supplies
  • elevators and escalators

Less significant energy saving opportunities, potentially important in individual buildings, are also listed. A similar list of envelope and device related energy efficiency opportunities is provided for the residential sector.

One of the best features of this report is that it presents typical energy consumption for each of these uses along with information on energy consumption of state of the art energy efficient devices. Thus building owners and operators can calculate energy savings that are likely to be attainable through building envelope and contents retrofits.

The 71 page report is available at no cost at

Download may require that you provide your contact information.

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