Launching Canada’s National Zero Waste Council

Described by its founders as a cross-sectoral leadership initiative bringing together governments, businesses, and non-government organizations to advance a national waste prevention and reduction agenda in Canada, the National Zero Waste Council is being launched on October 16 at Metro Vancouver’s 2013 Zero Waste Conference.

The Council’s mission is

To act collaboratively with business, government and the community, at the national and international level, as an agent of change for waste prevention and reduction in the design, production and use of goods.

Its goal is

To support a high quality of life, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity while consuming fewer resources and less energy. Taking early action will ensure that Canada is well placed to effectively compete in a resource constrained world.

The founding chair will be the Mayor of Richmond BC with significant participation from municipalities, including Councillor Shelley Carroll from the City of Toronto, and the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment. Business representation is so far a bit sparse, comprising representatives from the Construction Resource Initiatives Council, the Globe Foundation, and Walmart. No doubt additional business participation will be welcome.

Gallondaily’s editor will be facilitating a session on The Art and Science of Zero Waste at the conference which launches the National Zero waste council. More details at


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