Environmental media awards

Last week the Los Angeles based Environmental Media Association presented the 23rd Annual EMA Awards. The Environmental Media Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to harnessing the power of the entertainment industry and the media to educate the global public on environmental issues and motivate sustainable lifestyles. EMA runs a number of programs, including supporting gardens and greenery in urban schools across Los Angeles; a recognition program honouring progress in sustainable film making and event planning; providing advice to celebrities and entertainment professionals on thought-provoking, attention-getting ways to role model healthy, sustainable lifestyles to the general public; and a green parenting program. EMA also works with business to move the green agenda forward. Its corporate program operates under the credo “We can all change the world through shopping!” [GallonDaily is only reporting, not necessarily agreeing!]

The winners of the 23rd Annual EMA Awards included such well-known celebrities, films, and programs as

  • Ongoing Commitment Award: Matt Damon
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Bill McKibben
  • Futures Award: Hayden Panettiere
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards®
  • Feature Film: Promised Land
  • Documentary Film: Gasland Part II
  • Television Episodic Drama: “Chapter 9,” House of Cards
  • Television Episodic Comedy: “Mother Fracker,” Last Man Standing
  • Reality Television: “Gangs & Oil”, VICE Children’s Television: “What’s the Deal With Fracking?”
  • Nick News With Linda Ellerbee [Nickelodeon]

Additional information, including a video of the full awards show, is available at http://www.ema-online.org/23rd-annual-ema-awards/ Lots more information at http://www.ema-online.org/

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