UK renewable energy finance platform reintroduces green Father Christmas

According to Abundance NRG Ltd, Father Christmas was fairly slim and dressed in a green coat before Coca-Cola re-imaged him in the 1920’s. Abundance is seeking to bring back the green Father Christmas! It is a clever marketing campaign, like many of those which Abundance uses, so good that it has caused GallonDaily to tell you what a good idea Abundance NRG is!

Abundance describes itself as a crowdsourcing platform for renewable energy projects: wind, solar and hydro. Unlike crowdsourcing platforms such as Kickstarter, Abundance is regulated as a financial services company by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

In brief, Abundance lists a number of UK renewable energy projects which are open for investment. Investors can choose the project which interests them and purchase debentures in any amount from £5 upwards. Debentures, which are for the long haul, usually 20 to 25 years, are slowly repaid over their life along with a share of the energy project’s profits. The amount of profits depends on the success of the energy project and Abundance puts all disclosure information into plain language. Funds received by the debenture holder can be reinvested or withdrawn. Private investors may sell their debentures prior to their expiry on a bulletin board sponsored by Abundance but debentures are not intended to sell at amounts significantly above their face value.

Abundance NRG is a tremendous mechanism for encouraging individuals to invest in renewable energy projects. Unfortunately it is only available to UK residents but all of the information about how it runs is available at The short animation on that home page is a great place to start! Financial professionals interested in learning more about Abundance NRG may prefer to start with the terms and conditions document at

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