Canadian shipping company receives North American award

One of our mantras at GallonDaily is that recognition should not be given for environmental initiatives until they have been implemented and proven. Too many simply run into trouble before producing results. Today, however, in recognition that ships take a long time to build and because another reputable organization has given recognition, we will set aside the rule and pass on the news that Canadian merchant marine company Fednav Limited has won the inaugural Lloyd’s List North American Maritime Environment Award for its efforts to improve its environmental performance.

The citation states that Fednav recently ordered twelve new highly efficient ships for delivery in 2015 and 2016. These vessels will produce 28% less GHG emissions than vessels built for Fednav 10 years ago, ships among the highest performers of their time. Additionally, the new engines will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by approximately 33%. In 2008, Fednav was the first shipping company in Canada to publish an environmental policy for its vessels that included annual targets and expected results. Fednav’s fleet is regularly inspected by an independent third-party verification body that provides detailed inspection reports under an Environmental, Quality, and Safety Inspection system.

Formerly Federal Commerce & Navigation Company Limited, Fednav was founded in Toronto in 1944 and moved to Montreal in 1953. Fednav owns a fleet of 23 ships and operates 41 short- and long-term charters. Many of the ships operate in the arctic. Fednav has been a leader in the greener shipping industry for some years and is a founding member of Green Marine, a voluntary binational initiative in an industry sector that regular readers of Gallon Environment Letter will recognize as one that truly needs green leadership. GallonDaily encourages readers to add Fednav to the list of companies that they think of as green leaders in North America.

Announcement of the award and a link to Fednav’s environment page is at 

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