Canadians interested in more energy efficiency

Elizabeth McDonald, President and CEO of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, gave a fascinating presentation to the All-Energy Canada conference in Toronto today.

In public opinion research commissioned by CEEA and undertaken by Gandalf Research:

  • More than half of Canadians (58 per cent) said they are doing some things to conserve energy, but will likely do more.
  • Just over one third of Canadians said they have done a great deal to conserve energy in the last year.
  • When asked what the benefits of conserving their energy would be, 86 per cent of Canadians said saving money; 49 per cent said helping the environment.
  • One third of Canadians said they haven’t done more to conserve energy because of cost.
  • One quarter of Canadians have had an energy audit done, or participated in a rebate program.
  • 81 per cent of Canadians said that developing technologies that reduce energy consumption is very important.

Lots more in the slide deck for the presentation which is available at .Click on All Energy Conference Presentation: Making Energy Efficiency Work.

The All-Energy Canada conference is a partnership between the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, the Canadian Solar Industries Association, and Reed Exhibitions. This article is posted by GallonDaily directly from the All-Energy Canada 2014 conference floor.


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