US Post Office issues green stamps

Last week the United States Postal Service issued a set of first class postage stamps featuring simple ideas for people to reduce their environmental impact. The idea of using a frequently viewed label to increase social awareness of environmental issues and opportunities to reduce environmental footprints is one that Gallon Letter frequently recommends to brandowners and retailers.

The new US green stamps cover a range of issues:
– plant trees
– adjust the thermostat
– use public transportation
– buy local produce and reuse bags
– fix water leaks
– share rides
– turn off lights when not in use
– choose to walk
– compost
– dry washing on a line
– recycle more
– ride a bike
– plant trees
– insulate the home
– use efficient light bulbs
– adjust the thermostat
– maintain tire pressure
The overall theme. also on a stamp, is GO GREEN: reduce our environmental footprint USA .

USPS is something of a leader in corporate greening and is certanly setting an example for other companies. For more information visit

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