Gallon Environment Letter distributed today

The April issue of Gallon Environment Letter will be in emailboxes later today, if you are a paying subscriber, or tomorrow, if you are an Honoured Reader. The Honoured Reader edition  is our no-charge version with somewhat reduced content.

In this edition:
– analysis of party positions on the environment in this federal election campaign
– a summary of past Harper Government promises on climate change
– a review of the ‘open government’ issue
– the Canadian Index of Wellbeing
– Canadian Cancer Society joins the crusade against asbestos
– two letters to the editor, one on fuels and one correcting our mistake on toxic runoff in the Spring
– a review of the Ontario Environment Industry’s Still Ready to Grow report
– an overview of the Statistics Canada Households and the Environment Survey 2009
– cheap “environmentally-friendly” stone for drive and laneways creates a problem for users
– a funny story about a baby bullet!

As always, we welcome Letters to the Editor in response to any article or anything that should be an article.

The new issue of the Gallon Environment Letter will be posted at by the end of the month. If you would like to be on the Honoured Reader (free) subscription list beginning with the next issue send an email request to
Our online subscription order system is at and click on subscribe. 

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