Gulf Oil Spill dispersants include carcinogens

US environmental groups and their consultants have released a report which is likely to enhance public concern over carcinogens in the environment and, perhaps, in common household products.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, the environmental law firm Earthjustice and the public interest consultancy Toxipedia Consulting Services have relased a report on the public health and environmental impacts of the 57 ingredients contained in the dispersants used in an effort to deal with the Gulf Oil Spill.

Among the ingredients in the dispersants, chemical cocktails used in an attempt to break up the spilled oil, are:

  • one that is a possible human carcinogen,
  • one that is a likely human carcinogen,
  • one that causes cancer in tests on rats,
  • one that causes cancer in animal tests with unknown relevance to humans, and
  • one that causes effects that can later lead to cancer in humans.

In addition:

  • 33 chemicals are potential, suspected, or known skin irritants and toxins.
  • 33 chemicals are potential, suspected, or known eye irritants.
  • 11 chemicals are suspected or potential respiratory toxins or irritants.
  • 10 chemicals are suspected kidney toxins.
  • 8 chemicals are suspected reproductive toxins or have been shown to cause adverse effects to reproduction in test animals.
  • 7 chemicals are suspected liver toxins.
  • 6 chemicals are suspected neurotoxins.
  • 5 chemicals are suspected to be toxic to the immune system.
  • 4 chemicals are suspected blood toxins.
  • 3 chemicals are associated with asthma.
  • 1 chemical is a suspected to be toxic to the endocrine system.

1.84 million gallons of dispersants were discharged to the Gulf of Mexico in an attempt to disperse the oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon rig disaster.

GallonDaily will keep readers up to date on the litigation that is expected to result from this disclosure.

The report is available at

under the link Download the report today!

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