Ocean ngo with influence

An extremely influential group of people are launching a global environmental group designed to promote ocean conservation and to put action on the oceans at the forefront of global priorities. Given their profile, contacts, and resources, GallonDaily expects they will have considerable success. Known as Ocean Elders, those launching the new ngo include Sir Richard Branson, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Sven Lindblad, Ted Turner, and Neil Young, along with others who are very well qualified but perhaps not so well known in Canada.

Part of the idea is that Ocean Elders will serve as a network to enable people to connect, discuss issues, share ideas and solutions, and initiate action. GallonDaily will be very interested to see how that aspect is implemented – in our experience, open discussion of environmental issues tends to draw a significant number of anti-environmentalist nutbars.

We wish Ocean Elders well, will follow their progress and share it with our readers, and encourage prominent Canadians and Canadian companies to get involved. After all, according to Natural Resources Canada, Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world.

Ocean Elders can be found at http://www.oceanelders.org but the website is still awaiting official launch of the organization.

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