And the Green Energy winner is . . . the state of Vermont

Still in draft for consultation but there is no doubt about the direction – the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan looks set to be a leader for the entire continent with a target of 90% of all energy from renewable sources by 2050!

The comprehensive plan is indeed comprehensive, covering all energy sources and pretty well all uses:

  • conservation first, with a target of 3% reduction in electricity use each year
  • small scale distributed generation
  • an auction for FIT for medium sized electricity generators
  • a public process for siting of renewable generation
  • priority on reliability of supply
  • expansion of natural gas use
  • incentives for projects that advance biomass use, maximize fuel-use efficiency, and displace fossil fuel
  • reduce petroleum consumption and accelerate the switch to cleaner fuels, and PEVs, with more stable pricing and predictable supply
  • reshape the transportation system with better, more efficient programs and infrastructure, while also encouraging land use practices that reduce energy use at the same time that they enhance communities

This is no political summary document but a remarkably detailed plan in three volumes with 420 pages in total supported by data and implementation strategies. As such, it may well provide a model for other jurisdictions in North America.

Way to go, Vermont!

The draft plan is available at

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