Cleantech: “China may clean the clock of the US”

Nat Goldhaber is Managing Director of Claremont Creek Ventures, a California-based venture capital firm investing in early stage information technology companies.  A few weeks ago AOL identified CCV as one of the leaders in investment in energy efficiency which AOL labelled as “the workhorse of cleantech”. CCV has about $300 million under management.

So it is more than of small interest to GallonDaily when Mr. Goldhaber talks about the competition in clean technology between the US and China. Goldhaber says ” the U.S. isn’t doing enough. China is much more aggressive than the United States in developing clean technology projects and could dominate clean technology development globally for many years to come.”

The good news, again according to Goldhaber, is that “the race for clean technology supremacy is not over. The United States is very entrepreneurial and has a fierce desire to create new and better technology, including clean technology. In addition, the United States actually benefits from low-cost Chinese solar panels, which allows it to more easily accomplish alternative energy goals.”

Nat Goldhaber is just one voice but GallonDaily is inclined to think he is on the right track. Give his views a more detailed look at and, if you are in the Cleantech financing field, as a venture capitalist or as a start-up company, take a look around the Claremont Creek site. There’s much that should be of interest to Canadian cleantech start ups.

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