Chevrolet’s Carbon Reduction Initiative

Chevrolet has announced a carbon reduction initiative with some interesting features.

First is the size and scope of the initiative: $40 million dollars with a target to reduce CO2 emissions by eight million tonnes by 2030. That’s big, compared to many other companies’ GHG emission reduction initiatives.

Second is the approach: the investment will be in greenhouse gas-reducing projects, like wind farms and solar and energy efficiency, in communities across the US (no word yet on Canada). This will be in addition to energy efficiency improvements at Chevrolet plants. The Company claims that, since 1990, its manufacturing and assembly plants have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by about 60%. It also claims that almost 50% of GM plants — many of which build Chevrolet vehicles — are landfill-free.

Third is the source of the money: Chevrolet states that it will not be increasing the price of its vehicles to pay for this program. Instead it is planning to spend $40 million less on consumer advertising.

Fourth: Chevrolet states that all of its Carbon Reduction Initiative projects will be third-party verified. That is a big step forward compared to claims made by many other companies.

Although the Carbon Reduction Initiative was announced last year, it is only recently that it is being featured, with project details, on the Chevrolet website at GallonDaily particularly recommends clicking on the Q & A tab where quite a few of the program details are explained. Chevrolet’s initiative is one that GallonDaily commends as a possible model for other large companies considering voluntary CO2 reduction initiatives.

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