Zero waste batteries by mail

A new US project promises something new in the way of rechargeable batteries – delivery by mail direct to the end user with a real performance guarantee.

Many Canadians know that used batteries are a serious waste problem. Many are still very loyal to rechargeable batteries even though few last as long as claimed, especially if not continuously used and recharged. Battery recycling in Canada has been slow to get off the ground.

The new US initiative, known as earthCell, provides freshly recharged high performance  low self-discharge nickel metal hydride AA and AAA batteries by mail.  The batteries come with a prepaid mailer. When received by the distributor they are revitalized, tested, and sent out again. Those that do not meet specifications are recycled into new batteries.

To date, earthCells are available only in the US but the company states that it is looking for international distributors. This is a startup company funded by a creative project funding platform called Kickstarter where prepurchase helps entrepreneurs get their companies up and running.  As with all startups, one never knows what the future holds but this project seems to be in the top echelon of extended producer responsibility and environmental stewardship. GallonDaily wishes earthCell well and hopes that we will soon see a similar initiative in Canada.

More information about earthCell at

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