LEED Platinum car factory excels in many areas

There are not too many LEED industrial buildings in North America. Most factories are constructed in the cheapest possible way with little regard to the environment or energy efficiency. Hence a car plant certified to the highest LEED standard caught GallonDaily’s eye.

The building is a Volkswagen car plant newly constructed in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The building has many environmental features. Some of those least expected at a car plant include:

  • superior building insulation;
  • LED lighting on the exterior;
  • rainwater collected and used to flush toilets and cool equipment;
  • a white roof to reflect heat;
  • built on a brownfield site; and
  • 100 ft. wide creeks and wetlands around the property to create natural habitats.

More information at http://www.volkswagengroupamerica.com/newsroom/2011/12/01_vw_chattanooga_earns_LEED_platinum.htm

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