Insulated window glass that darkens or lightens electronically

People love buildings with huge expanses of glass so that they can see what is going on in the outside world. However, buildings with large expanses of window typically get too hot in summer and can lose too much heat in winter. Window shades are often used to mitigate against the effects of too much sun entering the enclosed space.

A new product called SageGlass overcomes most of the heat and light transmission problems. Windows made of SageGlass can be made darker or lighter manually or automatically. At their darkest, SageGlass windows reduce visible light transmission by 98%. They are also LEED qualified, helping builders and building owners score up to 8 LEED points in 5 categories. LEED is rapidly becoming the dominant standard for energy efficient buildings in North America.

SageGlass is not the only product of its kind but it does appear to be taking a significant share of the market for both commercial and residential windows in new construction. GallonDaily suggests that it is certainly a window glass product that is worth looking into.

Details can be found on the manufacturer’s site at


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