Global poll finds children most concerned about pollution

A global poll 6,000 10 to 12 year old children conducted in 47 countries found that environmental pollution is the top concern of this age group in developed countries, with natural disasters being the biggest worry for children in Africa and Asia.

The poll was conducted from June through August 2012 by the international children’s organization ChildFund Alliance, an alliance which includes Christian Children’s Fund of Canada and the US group Childfund International..

One in three (33%) children in developed countries cited pollution as their top concern, with half as many (16%) singling out global warming. Among children in the Americas, pollution was far and away the biggest concern, selected by 43 percent of respondents. Within developing countries, pollution was named as the top choice by 26 percent of children surveyed, while 23 percent cited natural disasters.

A summary as well as the full data report are available at

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