Literature research demonstrates minimal scientific uncertainty over climate change

A recent article by Dr. James L. Powell uses research of the peer-reviewed scientific literature to demonstrate that scientific uncertainty over human induced climate change has been at a negligible level for the last 20 years, contrary to common reports in popular media.

Powell, who is currently Executive Director of the US National Physical Science Consortium and who was appointed by both Presidents Reagan and George H. W. Bush to the National Science Board, conducted an analysis of the peer-reviewed scientific literature over the period January 1991 to November 2012. He found 13,950 peer-reviewed scientific articles by 33,690 individual authors. A total of 24 of the articles, 0.17%,  by 37 individual authors, 0.11%, rejected human-induced climate change.

In short, Powell’s literature search shows that 99.89% of scientists who have published  in peer-reviewed journals on the science of climate change since 1991 are in agreement that climate change exists and results to a greater or lesser extent from human activity.  Hardly the kind of massive scientific disagreement that many in the media have touted.

GallonDaily suggests that business should no longer promote climate change denial. Doing so suggests that such companies might not use scientific principles when it comes to designing or promoting their products.

The Powell study, including a discussion of the methodology used, can be found at 

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